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Smart home

Climate of smart home industry development up to now, we have gradually fade, slick, tedious operation frequent tests of the system stability is not high. Fortunately, most of the practitioners who recall the purpose of the smart home gradually, to provide users with more convenient and comfortable life, than daily life simpler operation and more thoughtful service. Steady development is not aggressive, increase financial input, attaches great importance to the development of the enterprise will go a long way, the smart home life like science fiction movie in the near future.

According to yu primus understand industry market research center, intelligent household lives, wearable devices around people and family data collection, optimized associated intelligent family life and wisdom. Hardware is the foundation of which is equipped with a variety of sensor, the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data is the core of the realization of intelligent household technology such as broadband network.

Sensor, smart home is wisdom city is wisdom city based data acquisition, only realize the intelligent household, will continuously provide abundant data for city, is it possible to achieve full city of wisdom.

Though years have passed since the concept of smart home has already been mentioned, but to really from science fiction into reality, there is still a long way to go. The personage inside course of study says, the current many smart devices, whether smart wear equipment or smart home, most of whom were transitional product. Smart home is still in the primary stage of development at present, most of the smart home technology is far from mature to the point of commercialization. And, more importantly, the cultivation of the popularity of smart home without the user habit, and now the intelligent household industry -- more like the fun.

Broad market prospect how to grasp the need to look to whether meet user requirements, the key to the success of a product that is a product, if you can resonate with the user demand, that this product is half the success, especially for the smart home this new type of high-tech products. Want intelligent household products more stick into the user, must consider from the product of effort, fundamentally solve the needs of users is the essence of the development of the market. Some of the function of smart home products most are flashy, not from the perspective of users the most basic requirements, neglect the needs of users the most basic point, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Therefore, as a founder of the smart home, the enterprise to produce products that meet the user requirements, according to customer demand for intelligent household function, integration of the most practical and most basic household control function. In order to make smart home, resulting in the real market.

Second, the price aspect

Intelligent household industry analysis and investment potential from China research report to understand for a long time, intelligent household are the image of "luxury" and saw, in ordinary consumers point of view, this kind of high-end consumer goods will only appear in the rich man's mansion, and from the point of the observation of the market, smart home is expensive, even tens of thousands and a whole set of system down at for the ordinary working class, was not seeking to desire. Price barriers have been cross resistance intelligent household into ordinary people's biggest problem. Smart home in the country has more than 10 years of market cultivation, but have not been able to rapidly spreading, in it, the price occupies the quite a number of factors. This is also the consumer the most emphasis on your smart home. So, if we can cut down the price as soon as possible, is the biggest consumers of smart home.

Convenience: the value of the smart home is is able to bring customers lifestyle change, improving the quality of life, and that the foundation of all things, is life bring convenience to users, so smart home system when the design should reflect its convenience to the greatest extent. Some products in the early part of the design, in order to highlight the powerful blindly, will often add many gaudy function, which led directly to the operation processes and procedures set up is too cumbersome, easy to let the user in the process of the use of the products rejected. Plus smart home control mode is also rich variety, operation convenience is particularly important. In the design of smart home so when must fully consider the user experience, pay attention to the convenience of operation and intuitive.

Third, stability

The stability includes two aspects, one is the stability of the system, another is the stability of the manufacturers. First is the stability of the system, this is the most key to affect the user experience of a link, the product without stability, everything is a castle in the air. If the user was able to buy the product, the system stability is not good enough, always go wrong, for users, this is a very troublesome problem. Followed by the stability of the manufacturers, namely the stability of the brand, users to buy the product, if after a few years the company, because I can't find problems users are unable to find a service provider. As a result, users consider installing a smart home products will be preferred. If not in the product stability on the basis of architecture, this system has lost the root of survival.