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Wireless infrared transducer

Wireless infrared transducer

Product name: wireless infrared transducer

Product model: DD005 - A

Wireless infrared transducer (hereinafter referred to as the infrared transducer) is one of the smart home products, its function is to radio frequency signal is converted to the infrared signal, so as to realize the wireless equipment of centralized remote control, infrared remote control equipment such as air conditioning, projectors, TVS, set-top boxes, DVD, stereo, borne power amplifier, electric fans and other electrical equipment.

The performance parameters:

Wireless receiving working frequency: 303.825/315/433.92 MHz

Working voltage: AC12V / 300 ma

The wireless signal input: PT2240B 1.5 ~ 1.8 M Ω shock resistance chip 80 ~ 220 k Ω shock resistance

Standby current: 12 ma working current or less: 35 ma or less

Infrared control distance is 8 meters, indoor wireless receiving distance of 30 meters