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The light controller

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Intelligent two switch

Product model: DD002 - B

The performance parameters:

Working voltage: AC220V plus or minus 10% 50/60 hz

Operating frequency: 303.825 MHz

Static electricity: < 60 ua

Load power: every road 0-300 - w (impedance load)

Remote control distance: 30 m or more

Appearance size: 86 * 86 * 35 mm (86 standard box)

Material quality: surface cover (PC) + bottom box (ABS fire resistance fuel)

Connection mode: single wire system (that is, need not zero)

Function characteristics:

1. The PC + ABS (fire retardant materials) panels, light touch type design, product appearance is beautiful and easy, easy to use;

2. The single line design, direct replacement of mechanical switch, no construction wiring;

3. Low standby power consumption, energy security; Reaction speed and without delay;

4. The lightning protection, surge, effective protection circuit;

5. The radio frequency technology, omnidirectional, partition wall remote control;

6. The millions of group learning is adopted to code technology, can be set up single on/off, always open, close and different scene mode;

7. Multiple switch together without interference, remote control distance, true implementation: one hand hold charged with ease