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The light controller

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Double three switch

Double three switch

Product name: double three switch

Product model: DD - 002

Working principle:

Remote control switch to retain the original manual control functions, but can be by remote control to control the remote control lights, remote control also has the following functions:

Barrier function: go out or just before going to sleep, don't need to check them one by one, according to a key, can shut down all of the lamps and lanterns, in the home to save time and save electricity.

Full function: when you need to open partial or all of the lamps and lanterns, press a key, can light up at the same time, easy and romantic.

Scene features: random combination of lamps and lanterns at home can be open or closed, set to different lighting atmosphere, such as: 1 when a visitor bright, 2 soft warmth, 3 when watching TV while eating, may be a key.

Remote control: this function should be remote control switch and intelligent controller, the formation of smart home system, telephone remote control lighting, electrical appliances in the home switch function; Body outside, available to any landline or mobile phones, to realize the remote control the opening and closing of home appliance, let the home is not far away in my heart.

The performance parameters:

Working voltage: AC220V plus or minus 10% 50/60 hz

Operating frequency: 303.825 MHz

Static electricity: < 60 ua

Remote control distance: 30 m or more

Appearance size: 86 * 86 * 35 mm (86 standard box)

Material quality: surface cover (PC) + bottom box (ABS fire resistance fuel)

Connection mode: two-wire system (i.e., zero)

Function characteristics:

1. The PC + ABS (fire retardant materials) panels, light touch type design, product appearance is beautiful and easy, easy to use;

2. The single line design, direct replacement of mechanical switch, no construction wiring;

3. Low standby power consumption, energy security; Reaction speed and without delay;

4. The lightning protection, surge, effective protection circuit;

5. The radio frequency technology, omnidirectional, partition wall remote control;

6. The millions of group learning is adopted to code technology, can be set up single on/off, always open, close and different scene mode;

7. Multiple switch together without interference, remote control distance