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The curtain control

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The curtain control motor

The curtain control motor

Product name: curtain control motor

Product model: DD040

This product is a core for the operation of curtain automation equipment. Is to control the opening and closing of curtain motor device!

The performance parameters:

Rated voltage: AC220V plus or minus 10% 50 hz

Rated power: 45 w rated torque: 1.2 N.m

The rated speed: 88.6 r/min

Insulation class: 1. C1. E

Protection grade: IP41

Duty: S3

Main motor: KM45A

The length of the system: 6 m Max

The curtain speed: 5.6 m/min (single)

Size: 258 mmx70mmx55mm

Net weight: 1.25 kg

Function characteristics:

Main functions: manual start, power hand, electric switch applications: suitable for straight or curved curtain cloth art directly with high voltage switch control, the most suitable for engineering projects such as hotels, form a complete set of smart home control platform effect is better