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MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSProvide 52 GBPS firewall - 80 GBPS throughput, low latency, and high-speed interface ensures that it will not become the bottleneck of data center network as much as the next generation of 11 GBPS threat defensive performance, to protect the safety of enterprise network, does not affect the user experience with long-term calmly deal with the latest security threats under the condition of strong application identification, IPS, anti-malware, dynamic web filtering, and more firewall functions, can be in the same platform to achieve simple operation and management of IPv4 and IPv6 is also of high performance to meet current and future demand compact 2 u fuselage for enterprise data centers to save more server space FortiGuard subscription service provides automatic, real time, the latest security threats and vulnerabilities protection integration FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer includes a new application and risk analysis report, simplify management, reporting and analysis the process of integration of FortiSandbox provide additional senior malware, unknown threats and senior targeted attacks.


MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSFirewall throughput up to 20 Gbps, the delay of 10 microseconds, ensure delay-sensitive environment to obtain the best performance. Senior application control, enables the administrator to tens of thousands of running on the network port, or used communication protocols define and implement policy. Virtual private network (VPN) technology to perform a complete content detection and multiple threat protection. Flow optimization key VPN channel of communication. Data leakage protection using a complex model matching engine, in order to help identify and prevent the transmission of sensitive information to the network boundary, and application to encrypt the communication FortiManager FortiAnalyzer device simplifies the security management, reduce the operation cost of multiple deployment. FortiGuard subscription service automation, real-time, the latest defense to threats and attacks.


MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSUp to 20 Gbps throughput and firewall 10 subtle delay ability for delay sensitive environment provides the best performance. ASIC hardware acceleration provide wire-speed firewall, close to the line speed of IPSec VPN throughput, and higher IPS, anti-virus and anti-spyware software, the gray acceleration performance. Integrate multiple security functions to expand the existing environment and new features and the ability to replace agent safety facilities. The application of advanced control enables the administrator to define and execute strategy thousands of applications. FortiManager FortiAnalyzer centralized management equipment and simplify the equipment deployment management, reduce the operation cost. FortiGuard ordering service automation, and latest protective characteristics of real-time, fast effective defense against the latest threats and system vulnerabilities.


MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSThis series of products provide 18 gigabit exchange interface, 24 gigabit exchange interface, 52 gigabit exchange interface of the three versions, and equipped with PoE version, respectively. 4 GBPS throughput firewall can provide to the user in an equipment, we integrate the high-density exchange access, wireless controller, high performance firewall, perfect control of application of advanced threat, and a series of functions such as protection. With the industry's best FortiOS 5 version of operating system and special FortiASIC NPLite accelerator chips, to provide users with high speed, stable against the fire wall and VPN access. Through FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer to deployment of products, can greatly reduce the deployment cost and time, reduce maintenance difficulty, at the same time to provide comprehensive security management, reporting and analysis capabilities. Built-in storage, in which not only can provide strategy and report can also provide you wan acceleration.


MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSThis series of models of products up to 22 to 42 gigabit interface, can provide 2.5 Gbps throughput performance of the firewall, greatly enhance the network deployment flexibility and extensibility of the single equipment to provide the most complete functions, including application control, advanced threat protection, built-in wireless controller, integration and exchange, the local login, terminal strategy reinforcement as well as many security features the latest FortiASIC chip with the industry's most powerful FortiOS 5 network security operating system, to ensure complete safety functions run efficiently you can also select our Ethernet power supply (POE) version - FortiGate - 140 - d - POE products, will you FortiAP wireless access points to the simplest way to deploy in a single interface to your network management make you easy to deploy and manage FortiManager FortiAnalyzer integration management and reduce operating costs, to provide convenient and comprehensive security management, reporting, and analysis the internal storage to provide local data archiving, and WAN optimization strategy with compliance, localization, report.


MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSProvide 1 GBPS throughput of firewalls and 8 10/100 exchange interface can be configured. With strong authentication options IPv6 - Ready platform, can protect the safety of network access and security policy compliance. Set the abundant functions, application control, built-in wireless controller, local log and power strategies to protect the next generation network. The single window management console, allowing you to easily deploy and manage. FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer integration to reduce the operating costs, through a simple, comprehensive security management, report, and analyze the internal storage (FortiGate - 111 - c) provides the local data archiving, local reports and wan optimization function.