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         FortiGate - 5000 series

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Based on the frame of the fastest in the industry of firewall, firewall throughput with up to 1.12 -tbps. Compatible ATCA architecture provides operator level of performance, reliability, availability and maintainability. Customers, business units, or any other logical division of segmented network, to achieve more control efficiency by 6000 virtual domain is the ideal choice for virtualization infrastructure. Active/active and high availability of active/passive mode and redundancy, hot-swappable power supply to provide uninterrupted service. IPv6 platform is ready to protect network access and security strategy has a strong authentication,options. FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer integration provides a wealth of important command analysis and reporting, in order to help managers to keep up with the pace of the changing network security.
MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSUp to 120 Gbps throughput firewall, the industry with the fastest firewall level. 10 - GbE SPF + 12 or 104 GbE port deployment capabilities. FortiASIC hard speed, improve performance of firewall, and meet the network performance, and can deal with the network rapid expansion in the future. For the next generation network security provides abundant functions, including IPS, application control, based on user and terminal control. IPv6 platform is ready to protect network access and security policy has a strong authentication options, as Fortinet equipment simplifies the management, reporting and analysis, reduce the cost.
MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS160 GBPS firewall throughput, low latency, and high-speed interface ensures that it will not become the bottleneck of data center network highest support 50 million concurrent sessions. IPv4 and IPv6 is also of high performance to meet current and future demand compact 3 u fuselage for the enterprise data center to save more server space. Multi-tenant cloud computing environment and virtual domain support through a single platform to simplify enterprise, branch network and data center operations FortiGuard subscription service provides automatic, real time, the latest security threats and vulnerabilities protection integration FortiManager and FortiAnalyze includes a new application and risk analysis report, simplify management, reporting and analysis process, can support FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer physical and virtual equipment, simplify the security management and analysis, at the same time reduce the total cost of ownership.
MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS60 GBPS firewall performance and less than 4 subtle delay rate is ideal for high performance and latency sensitive network environment. Application of control powerful, can to thousands of running on a network application execution strategy control. A virtual private network (VPN) technology, the implementation of complete content inspection and multiple threat protection. Traffic optimization function can be important to through the VPN channel communication optimization. More than 4000 IPS characteristics can be blocked