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MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSFortiSwitch 448 b is an Ethernet switch, designed for high density line is suitable for installation in medium-sized enterprises and the location of the classroom. Access to 48 GbE and 10 GbE uplinks, fortiswitch - 448 - b to satisfy today's network bandwidth and high port density requirements of network with lower total cost of ownership.

           FortiSwitch 548B

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSFortiSwitch - 548 - b is one of the top rack of high-end data center server convergence switch, can provide more than 48 10 g SFP + port, 960 Gbps Ethernet switch capacity. 1 - shape factor of RU, FortiSwitch - 548 - b is equipped with dual redundant power supplies, maximum availability and advanced link aggregation support capacity planning.


MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSSecurity access switch Wire - Closet fortiswitch - 348 - b provides excellent price, performance and scalability and diversified organization operating requirements. It USES 96 Gbps switch structure, provides the 48 port and 4 SFP uplink port security access. The switch 1 ru rack type form and design network devices connected to the Ethernet structure, thus reducing your overall deployment costs. This switch with b switch controller integrated ability. Device to connect the Ethernet port is found for the first time and user authentication. Once authentication, the appropriate policy defined as applied to include access to provide improved access to the edge of the equipment. Special FortiSwitch platform to meet the demand of today's Ethernet infrastructure and configuration of network advantages. You can expand your/your operating performance requirements, and ease of use and low cost of ownership to meet the requirements of the ultra broadband video applications.


MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSFortiswitch - 300 server aggregation switch series family is ideal for the next generation of LAN switches to upgrade, productivity rises quickly through a dedicated gigabit Ethernet transmission time (GE) connection. Fortiswitch - 324 - b switch using 24-48 GBPS port interconnection structure and block the exchange capacity. The switch management also provides vlans to ability of voice, video, data and wireless traffic. Fortiswitch - 324 - b - slope is packaged in a compact form and design 1 ru network devices connected to the Ethernet fabric without costly changes, thus reducing your overall deployment costs. The built-in power supply in power supply fortiswitch Ethernet - 324 - b wave provides up to 185 watts of electricity, Shared between all 24 ports. In a typical office you can connect the computer/printer and power wireless APs and VOIP phone. All ports to purchase four ports before 15.4 watts of power and high power port requirements such as high power equipment can purchase 30 megawatts wireless access points or mobile security cameras.

        FortiSwitch 248B-DPS

MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMSFortiSwitch - 248 - b - DPS is a high performance with four-way two-speed 1/10 of 10/100 of the SFP + fiber optic uplink port / 1000 Ethernet switch, allows up to 40 Gbps of core flow. 1 - RU exchange platform, which can be used in the data center of the top rack server cluster, or wiring ark edge as a kind of high performance access switches. It also ensures that compatible with existing gigabit Ethernet fiber-optic port, and does not increase the cost of your future 10 GbE optical fiber.