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Energy-saving remote control strip holes (4)

Energy-saving remote control strip holes (4)

Product name: energy-saving remote control strip holes (4)

Product model: DD045 - D

Portable multi-purpose digital remote control socket; Is suitable for various standard specifications plug electrical appliances; Plug and play, the use of flexible, convenient to move; Intelligent learning code, can be manually can remote control; Especially for platooninsert, at the same time to control a broad range of electrical appliances, energy security, prolong the service life of electrical appliances.

Working principle:

Control TV, shadow box, DVD, electric fans, desk lamp, electric cooker etc. Household appliances power on and off.

The performance parameters:

Working voltage: AC220V plus or minus 10% 50/60 hz.

Working frequency: 315 MHZ

Rated power: the total power is 2200 w, single way of 1000 w or less

Remote control distance: indoor is not less than 10 meters.

Load: apply to all kinds of lamps and lanterns and household appliances power switch.

Connection mode: two-wire system.

Ambient temperature: - 10 ℃ to + 50 ℃