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Network camera (always)

Network camera (always)

Product name: network camera (always)

Product model: DD033

KD - the CW - JQ series network waterproof the bolt support D1 resolution (704 * 576), a high level of integration of SOC processors, extremely low power consumption, strong stability, Support for h. 264 / MJPEG compression algorithm, to ensure the quality of the image at the same time, effectively reduce the network bandwidth; Powerful network function, support RTSP, VLC media streaming protocol, support FTP upload video, alarm, send E-mail, phone support remote monitoring; For the video store to provide more convenient and more reliable security.

Function characteristics:

High performance SOC chip, stable and reliable, low power consumption

704 * 576, 704 * 288, 704 * 576, 320 * 240, 240 * 320 resolution

Support for h. 264, MJPEG image compression coding

Support the PTZ control, alarm, the I/O, two-way radio, level 3 user permissions, the function is perfect

Support arbitrary yuntai protocol: customizable yuntai agreement file for updates

Two-way voice intercom support external audio input and output

Complete the network protocol, support RTSP, VLC (PS/TS) streaming protocols

Support mobile phone remote monitoring

Supports infrared lamp illuminate 30 meters, the minimum illumination can reach 0 Lux (infrared) open