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Wireless acousto-optic

Wireless acousto-optic alarm host B

Product name: wireless acousto-optic alarm host B

Product model: DD021 - B

By microcontroller and wireless data transmission circuit, reliable performance, easy installation, wide application, can be used with all kinds of wireless sensor, is a economic and practical acousto-optic alarm at the scene.

With other security system linkage, sound and light combined with double effect!

The performance parameters:

Working voltage: AC 220 v 50/60 hz

Working frequency: 315 MHZ (other frequency can be customized)

Static electricity: 10 or less ma

Note: > 100 db

Receiving sensitivity: > - 103 DBM

Decoding types: PT2262/4.7 M or compatible chips

Encoding: learn how to code

Modulation mode: amplitude modulation (baton)

Working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃

Areas of application: used in household, shops, factories and other places of all need to guard against.