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Life cubic cell phone software

Life cubic cell phone software

Product name: life cubic cell phone software

Product model: KD - CW01

Life cubic system control software! Interface and novel fashion, the more powerful!

Function characteristics:

1. The electrical home appliances control

By this software can easily implement intelligent management of household electrical appliances. As long as it is electrical equipment in the system

The management of the implementation of wireless. Gives you the wisdom of life!

2. The curtain management

Can be achieved by this system window, curtain of electric automation management, build a warm home.

3. The environmental monitoring

Through a variety of environmental monitoring terminal, the life of cubic system can real-time monitoring the environment that occupy the home for you, and be able to

When environmental deterioration state related equipment optimized!

4 control mode diversification, operation is simple:

1), smart phones, tablets, computers, a variety of control mode selection; along with you

2), android, apple system, WINDOWS system, the mainstream operating system of universal coverage, there is always a is you most familiar with;

3), software friendly interface, simple operation, easy to learn easily, let users easier then. As long as you again on the operation, the use of basic can learn to function.


Nearly 5, the remote control

1), in the home, as long as there is network, can control your own home at will;

2), away from home, as long as there is network (WIFI, 3 g network), the same can be anywhere at any time, follow one's inclinations, want to see see, wanted to move on.

6 intelligent security, intelligent security

Greatness of the smart home system will be security ascend to the height of the intelligent, ensure that your home absolutely safe!

7 timing control function

1), time management system is the very important one link in intelligence. For example, we now many families are equipped with alarm equipment inside, but an accident, after all, is a small probability event, protection today, tomorrow, the machine will in the long run, the user will feel tired, no longer willing to every day to protection; And accidents are often paralysis happened, really at that time, repent at leisure. Time management system, in accordance with the personal habits, set the running time, automatic protection, automatic machine. You do not feel the existence of the system completely, but it is loyal to serve you 24 hours a day.

8 background music system

Simple background music system, can through mobile phones, tablets and to control the computer.

9 linkage set scene

As long as it is incorporated into the inside of the smart home system electric equipment, can be any combination, realize the linkage. This function we can use in any place of the family. When, for example, you can set the mode to home, leaving home, security equipment to start at this moment, other electrical equipment power, safe and environmental protection. Again, for example: you can set the home cinema mode, one key start, lights, power amplifier, DVD, projector, projection screen, audio equipment to start at the same time, you just sit there and watch. A scene such as magnetic door or infrared linkage, which lights, control which electric appliances, but don't call the police. And on and on, optional collocation and creation.